Established in 2018, our club is based in South Western Victoria, we organise and run Pony Express, Hard Enduro and Arrow Course races. We also enjoy social rides on random dates through out the year.

Fun, fast and technical…

Otway Enduro Club’s rides will offer something for everyone. We’ll have flat track pony expresses mixed with a few technical elements for the intermediate and junior rides. Our hard enduro events will test the skills and fitness of the best amateur riders. Our arrow events will be loved by the adventurers who love the endurance but enjoy using their brain to navigate themselves through the countryside.

All our events will be held on private property to give us greatest control over the course layout and to also avoid any issues with authorities. Otway Enduro Club was founded by riders who loves to ride, we live in a lovely part of Australia which is blessed with countryside seemingly constructed to be ridden by dirt bikes. We aim to utilise our landscape and to enjoy it to the fullest, we hope you buy into our dream and come along for the journey.



Traditionally held on grass fields, we are seeing more pony express races incorporate man made obstacles, like rock gardens and tyre walls. Our pony express races are designed to encourage junior riders and people who like a challenge to give racing a go, our Ponies are not easy, but at the end you’ll have earned your finish. When each race is released for entries a detailed description of the race will be included.


Almost like you see on Red Bull channel our Hard Enduro are not graded as extreme but will test the ability of the best riders. The courses will vary but remain challenging with man made technical sections mixed with naturally terrain. These events will be run on private property, under a controlled environment.


Great for people who enjoy enduro riding but also relish the challenge of using your brain to navigate a carefully laid out course.  These events have a 30 sec staggered start for riders.  The format allows us to set out a different track each time, an Arrow Course race can cover up to 200kms but it is not unknown to have a 6 to 8 hour race that only covers 100 kms.


Our social rides have no set dates, they will be randomly organised through out the year. If you are a member you will be notified if a social ride is coming up, notification will either happen through email or our closed Facebook page. These rides can be limited to 20 riders, so first in best dressed rules will apply.



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