Who is Otway Enduro Club?

Established in 2018, Otway Enduro Club operates in the South Western District and is run by volunteers passionate about off road riding. The club was formed by like minded dirt bike riders because there was nothing like it in the area. With a number of committee members spending countless hours and many years riding in enduro events all over Victoria and interstate or ferrying their children to events only to be disappointed with the course or the length of the race.

While most people might find it easier to sit back and do nothing, not our dedicated committee who decided to form Otway Enduro Club. What you see on this website is the commitment already put in and the opportunity to turn our little club into a family of dirt bike riders brought together by the love of a sport.

OEC Member Meetings

Monthly meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month at the Mt Moriac Pub. Our monthly meetings are used as both an excuse to get together, have a meal and drink and also to chat about rides and events within the blus. Races don’t happen without many hours of input from our members, a race day doesn’t just need riders, we have volunteers as course marshals, sweep riders, parking attendants, registration assistants, time keepers, food and beverage assistants and our first aid tent.

All Otway Enduro Club members are encouraged to attend to discuss what the club is planning for the future.


Otway Enduro Club conduct a number of official races and social rides through out the year, below is a brief outline of the types of races/rides we hold. Our races are carefully designed by riders with years of racing and riding experience.



Traditionally held on grass fields, we are seeing more pony express races incorporate man made obstacles, like rock gardens and tyre walls. Our pony express race is called the Mule Express because it is a lot harder than your average Pony Express with mostly single trail through plantation and natural terrain. Many tough sections will have both rooster and chicken run alternatives, these sections are risk/reward options. If you choose to take the rooster route you’ll either save a lot of time of stuff up and loose a lot of time.



Like you see on Red Bull channel our Hard Enduro are not graded as extreme but will test the ability of the best riders. We run the Black Beauty Sprints which has been apart of the Victorian Hard Enduro Championship since 2022. Our course varies every year but remains challenging with man made technical sections mixed with steep natural terrain. These events will be run on private property, under a controlled environment.



Great for people who enjoy enduro riding but also relish the challenge of using your brain to navigate a carefully laid out course.  These events have a 30 sec staggered start for riders.  The format allows us to set out a different track each time, an Arrow Course race can cover up to 200kms but it is not unknown to have a 6 to 8 hour race that only covers 100 kms.



Our social rides have no set dates, they will be randomly organised through out the year. If you are a member you will be notified if a social ride is coming up, notification will either happen through email or our closed Facebook page. These rides can be limited to 20 riders, so first in best dressed rules will apply.


Through education and practice, we will sustain enduro bike riding as a respected sport ensuring future access for generations to come.


Our mission is to have fun and create an inclusive dirt bike riding community who respect our environment and uphold professional conduct from which will inspire other riders to follow.


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