Ride Date: Sunday 21st April 2024
Riders Briefing:
Ride Start: 9.00am (on your bikes)
Meeting Location: Mt Cowley Tower off the Mt Cowley Track (Check the map below)
Meeting Location Coordinates: –38.547630, 143.859419
Ride Finish: 3.00 or 4.00pm

Lunch: BYI lunch to be eaten on the ride. (We won’t be returning to the cars for lunch)

Conditions will be slippery so good tyres needed with low pressures.

Ride at Your Own Risk

The lead rider of this ride does not take any responsibility for you getting injured. This ride has been deemed an “intermediate to hard” ride for a reason. If you sign up to participate, then you assume all responsibility for you own actions. Not only will the ride require very good skills to complete, you will also require a very high level of ride fitness.

Other Information

Ride Type: The ride will be approximately 60kms long, most of the ride is tight single trails with steep hills, there will also be plenty of rocky creek riding.
Fill your bike up before we leave, you should be able to complete a full days riding on one tank of fuel, we won’t be travelling too many kilometres (60kms). Many of the tracks are slow and technical.
Water: Make sure you carry plenty of water.
Bike Registration: Rec Reg is required for this event (Number plate to be attached to bike!)
Noisy Mufflers: Suitable Muffler (No MX Mufflers) Noise level not to be too excessive (Noise testing may take place.)

Tools/Tubes: Please don’t be a selfish rider, check your motorbike before the ride to make sure your maintenance has been completed. This is a group ride if your bike breaks down, then you shouldn’t need to rely on others for tools/tubes etc. A motorbike that breaks down because of poor maintenance will hold up the ride and impact the enjoyment levels of all the other riders, so please do the right thing.

Please note: GPS tracking of the track or Video footage is banned for this ride.

Any questions please contact Rod on 0419 336 783.


Park at the Mt. Cowley Tower which is off Mt. Cowley Track.


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