The Otway X-Treme KnockOut Event has been run and won, many members of the Otway Enduro Club either rode or helped organise the event.

Utilising private land kindly loaned to the dirt bike fraternity to create an amazing hard enduro track, the rolling Otway landscape was turned into a “hell in the hills” for 76 riders on the 21st October 2018. With plenty of rain coming down in the lead up to the event, the damp conditions where only going to make the going all that more tough.

The response from the riders was overwhelmingly positive to the event and the track, the track design allowed spectators positioned at the finish line to get a great vantage point to view the riders making their way around the 13 km long track.

Missed the event? This watch this video to see watch you missed.

Otway X-Treme Image Gallery

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