The Stampede Pony Express Series is a new race series involving Geelong Motocross Club, Ballarat Rovers Motorcycle Club and the Otway Enduro Club.

To be run for the first time in 2023, The Stampede Pony Express Series will be a three race series with each race held by an established race club. Round one will be held by the Ballarat Rovers Motorcycle Club, Round two by Geelong Motocross Club and Round three by the Otway Enduro Club. The nucleus for the concept was to add more value to each club’s membership base. With limited people-power at each club it is a lot of work for the clubs to put on these events, let alone trying to put on two or three a year.

The Stampeded Pony Express Series is an inter-club series which means that you don’t need to be a member of each club to compete. You can be a member of the Otway Enduro Club and compete in all of the races, you do however need to be a member of at least one of the clubs to compete in any of the races.

Each round will be different to the next, the race type is solely the club’s decision. Some races will be open and fast and other like the Otway Enduro Clubs Mule Express, will be tight and technical. This will make for an interesting championship with such a wide range of races types it will open up the list of contenders for the Stampede Pony Series Championship winners.

Series Classes

Each round will cater for the following race classes.

Junior Classes (Race Length 1.5 “Ironchild” race)

Senior Classes (Race Length 4 hours)
Ironman 16-34 years
Ironman 35 + years
Combined age 32 – 49 years
Combined age 50 – 64 years
Combined age 65 – 79 years
Combined age 80 + years


September 23 & 24

Mt Misery Quarry


October 22

Ballark Gun Club


November 17

Barwon Downs

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