On a cold July Sunday morning 22 Otway Enduro Club members met up at Mt Cole to be lead a merry dance with Gunna leading.

While the forecast was for rain it managed to stay away other then the odd light shower. Gunna lead us on two loops a very enjoyable morning loop with a few medium to hard hill climbs. Mt Cole handles the rain very well, there are not many clay areas where we rode which meant grip was good.

After a BBQ lunch, the afternoon loop was for a slightly smaller group of 16 or 17 riders. A few riders thought the morning ride was enough exercise for them, two others who were heading over to Romaniacs in the coming weeks didn’t want to tempt fate with a late injury. The afternoon loop saw us tackle a few tougher hills and a fair few more logs with plenty of trees crossing the tracks after the heavy rain and wind. Over all it was a great day with everyone happy with the ride and the conditions, great job Gunna, thanks for leading.

Mt Cole Ride Photos

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